Presentations appraisal

I offer a unique service helping people prepare and deliver better presentations.

The focus is not on podium skills (though advice is always offered) but on getting the content, structure, tone and messages right for the given audience.

No matter how well you know your stuff, your impact is lost if you're saying the wrong things in the wrong way to the people in front of you, and not selling yourself properly.

My skill is in assessing what should be in, what needs to go, how to make it flow and how to meet the organisers' expectations. I don't need to understand the background - just what you are trying to achieve and what we have to work with.

This service is designed to assist with individual presentations. I also offer general presentations training for individuals or groups.

Other servicesWriting and editing / Web content / Planning and advice / Tailored training

The quality of the presentations is of the utmost importance to the firm because it impacts directly on our credibility. Nick's honest, direct and insightful criticism has been invaluable in ensuring that the presentations have been first class.

Will Taylor, Partner, Finlaysons Lawyers

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