How I work

My aim is always to provide a flexible service that helps you get the results you want.

You buy as much of my time as you need, and when and how you need it. I can work alone or as part of your team, and be involved at any stage of the process from planning through to delivery.

Some clients want the whole job done. Others prefer to start work themselves, then have me assess, suggest and add what's needed. Sometimes I am asked to provide initial advice and direction then called back when specific skills are needed.

Whether creating a major document or presentation, or simply advising on a draft letter, I provide a professional service at competitive rates. I charge by the hour or the day, depending on the project.

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His approach was consultative, respectful and imaginative. We could not have completed this work without his help.

Prof John Coveney, Flinders University

If you want the
Right Words,
ask the
Right Person.